Kavan RC Helicopter

Kavan RC Helicopter

Before drones, there were......radio controlled helicopters.

Like some of our curiosities and oddities, this doesn’t fit neatly into any one category. We found this RC helicopter in a local flea market and we were instantly captivated by its beauty, level of detail and form.

There is a fair amount of information about the early day’s of RC helicopters. In particular Kavan, a major player in the market and developer of some of the earliest and reliable RC helicopters. Developing a working helicopter model wasn’t as easy as RC planes.

The Alouette 2 was the second helicopter produced by Franz Kavan. It is modeled after a French helicopter used by the military, police and customs officers throughout Europe.


 This one was first produced in 1974/75. There are a couple of unique features – 1. the Kavan logo looks like an older version. In the catalogs and information links, the logo is a more modern one and 2. the floats. This was an option available, but most of the limited available Alouette helicopters out there have the standard rails.





http://www.vrhc.co.uk/images/RC_Helicopters/Germany/Kavan/Kavan%20News%20Edition%201%20(150).pdf  (pg 22)

We have this mounted on a wall in our home. Like many of the things in our collection, we treat this as a work of art!

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