Mid-Century Modern Birdfeeders

Mid-Century Modern Birdfeeders

Early in my architectural career, I found myself “between jobs” in Maine. I had always had an interest in folk art, mid-century road side attractions, and lawn whirlygigs and art. With my wife’s indulgence, I designed a few birdfeeders based on iconic roadside eateries – the diner, White Tower (or Castle for the Midwest set), the Dairy Tweet (Treat) and one bird house based on a ‘50’s/’60’s Scotty trailer.





Here's an article on a 1992 benefit auction around architectural designed dog houses. I'm quoted in the article - "The doghouse is a continuation from the birdhouses and based on the idea of taking common objects and switching the intent to make something that's out of the ordinary". That pretty much sums up my design philosophy.



We sold these through art and craft galleries, upscale pet businesses and even the Plow and Hearth gift catalog.

We also designed, manufactured and sold two children’s toys – a swing (PteroSoar) and a rocking dinosaur (Rockasaurus). I’ve also been a lifelong dinosaur enthusiast.

The year 1992, with the business beginning to take off, was also the year our two children were born. Alas, I needed to have a steady job and health insurance so I entered the corporate world heading up retail architecture programs. Maybe I’ll start this up again now that I’m no longer in the corporate world!

Anyhow, I think these qualify to be a part of our oddities and curiosities collection.

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