About Us

We've been collecting mid-century furnishings since the 1990s. We started by buying what we liked then upgrading as we found something we liked better. Selling is the only way out of that so Off Center Design entered the online marketplace.

There are amazing things around waiting to be rescued to again be admired. We've had the great fortune to find these items, add a little care, and enjoy them as we research, study the details, imagine the inspiration, admire the design.

No wonder we often end up loving almost every piece.

 Americana? Iconic Chair? Rich, old teak or rosewood table? You never know what we'll find. Whether beautiful, novel, or wow, each piece tells a story. 

Own things you love, or delight you, or make you think. Things that showcase the beauty of now scarce materials made by finely trained craftsmen of the past, items robots now create, box and leave for the owner to assemble.

Our Team

Elaine McCool. Owner. I definitely don't have a style preference any more. Now my home is just a collection of furnishings and art I really like or find interesting. But I'm sentimental, too, so the mix is sometimes odd. But comfortable.

David Tovey. Owner. Architect. Inventor. Products sold nationally: garden art, furniture. Details, details. Ask him to package a lamp and he'll build a styrofoam masterpiece.

Julia Arnold. On-line Shop Manager. Artist. Photographer. Positive, motivated, loves plants, purple, bamboo and baby Ava.

Evan Tovey. Inventory Specialist. 1970s fan. Everyone should vote. The Wire still best series ever. Say Hello.

Violet. Miniature black poodle with no doodle. Did I mention she can dance and play frisbee? 


Enjoy your world. We enjoy ours.